JSCC Joins Hyperledger Foundation


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October 13, 2023 1 min read
JSCC Joins Hyperledger Foundation

This is to notify that Japan Securities Clearing Corporation officially joined Hyperledger Foundation, a not-for-profit-organization founded by The Linux Foundation to drive the development and adoption of blockchain/distributed ledger technology (DLT).

JSCC introduced in January 2023 its first blockchain production solution based upon Hyperledger Besu, one of the open source software (OSS) platforms hosted by Hyperledger Foundation, to facilitate the efficient delivery settlement of rubber futures. Furthermore, we leveraged the use of several Hyperledger OSS tools and libraries across multiple proof-of-concept projects.

If we assume the widespread adoption of blockchain in future financial markets, the availability of stable standardized OSS will support global harmonization and contribute towards the building of a robust ecosystem. Accordingly, we aim to contribute to the development of OSS in the spirit of the Hyperledger Foundation mission.

About Hyperledger Foundation

Hyperledger Foundation was founded in 2015 to bring transparency and efficiency to the enterprise market by fostering a thriving ecosystem around open source blockchain software technologies. As a project of the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation coordinates a community of member and non member organizations, individual contributors and software developers building enterprise-grade platforms, libraries, tools and solutions for multi-party systems using blockchain, distributed ledger, and related technologies. To learn more, visit the following page.

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