IPO Opportunities for Startups in Asia

Felix Wang, Koji Tachibana, Susli Lie, Shoichi Sakatani, Kengo Somei, Zuhair KhanCFA

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May 12, 2022 1 min read

The interest of venture investors in Southeast Asia has been growing. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is seen as one of the most attractive venues for exit strategies by startups and venture capital in the region, as exemplified by two cross-border IPOs listed on the Exchange in 2021.

This webinar focuses on the IPO exit strategy of Southeast Asian startups and the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s commitment to the ecosystem. Panelists include key management involved in cross-border IPO process on TSE.

Felix Wang, prior corporate secretary, previous finance director, Omni-Plus System
Koji Tachibana, senior vp of finance and head of Japan, Appier Group
Susil Lie, partner, Monk's Hill Ventures
Shoichi Sekantani, deputy head, Singapore branch, Tokyo Stock Exchange
Kengo Somei, account manager, new listing, Tokyo Stock Exchange

Zuhai Khan, CFA, senior fund manager, UBP Investment