TSE Now Providing Real-time Market Data at Promotional Rates!

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Real-time Market Data 
Key Points

Get real-time prices for over 3,800 Japanese stocks and indices
New distributors can save up to 83% and pay ZERO real-time terminal fees
The promotional rates last for 2 years, helping you affordably expand your Japanese stock business
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How Can I Get the Promotional Rates?

You are eligible for the promotional rates if you meet ALL of the following conditions.
You are applying for TSE Real-time market data for the first time.
You receive market data from a vendor or broker (not directly from TSE).
You distribute the data externally to clients.

Especially for You if…

brokerage firm or information vendor and…
start a Japanese stock data/trading business at an affordable price.
fintech firm or IT vendor and
provide a trading platform/algorithm for investors.

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Coverage & Features

 Promotional rates of up to 83% off for 2 years of real-time level 1 data (BBO or Last Sales Price) for over 3,800 Japanese stocks, REITs, and ETPs.
 If you apply for multiple services, you will only be charged for the service with the highest total monthly fee.

Users currently distributing delayed market data can also apply for these promotional rates.
For more details on the fees, please contact us by clicking on the Request Info button below or refer to the “Policies Regarding Usage of Market Information“.

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Basic Infomation

Service TSE Real-time Market Data (Promotional Rates)
Description Real-time tick-by-tick data essential for everyone trading on the TSE market. If you sign up now to start distributing BBO or Last Sales Price (LSP) data to your clients, you can save up to 83%!
Data Updated Continually during market trading hours
Delivery Method Depends on the information vendor providing the data
Dataset Type Real-time
Price Real-time BBO/LSP data*: JPY 380,000/month
*For more options, please contact us by clicking on the Request Info button below.
Sample Enabled
Expected Users Brokerage firms, information vendors, fintech firms
Use Cases Expansion of data/trading business for your clients
Possible ways for your clients to use the market data:
– Generation of applications for algorithmic trading, program trading, and automated monitoring of trading activities
– Calculation of reference prices for ordering and trade execution
– Calculation of indices
– Business activities such as fund administration, quantitative analysis, portfolio management, instrument pricing, risk management, and compliance.
Redistribution Required
Webpage https://www.jpx.co.jp/english/markets/paid-info-equities/realtime/01.html

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