Introduction of ESG Index Futures


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December 5, 2022 1 min read
Introduction of ESG Index Futures

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. aims to assist the creation of a sustainable society by utilizing market mechanisms to provide solutions for a wide range of societal issues, through the provision of an environment where sustainability-related information, products, and services are easily accessible to all.

As part of this effort, Osaka Exchange, Inc (OSE), which operates the derivatives market, is pleased to announce that it will be listing “S&P/JPX 500 ESG Score Tilted Index Futures”, “FTSE JPX Net Zero Japan 500 Index Futures” and “Nikkei 225 Climate Change 1.5°C Target Index Futures”, which are futures contracts based on ESG indices, to be utilized in asset management taking into account ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors.

OSE will be accepting public comments regarding this matter as of today. The launch of these contracts is scheduled for May 29, 2023.

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