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Financial derivatives inflow and outflow volatility vs diversification


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May 9, 2022 3 min read

FOW Japan 2021

Panel discussion: Financial derivatives inflow and outflow- volatility vs diversification

– Trading index derivatives in Japan: where is the market evolving?
– Managing market fragility risk: can options be used as a protective strategy in the low-yield environment
– Evaluating Japanese participation in overseas markets: what are the product line-ups?
– Assessing what PTS’ ascent means for market fragmentation in Japan: will the total pie grow?
– Discussing the emergence of zero commission retail brokerage pricing model: how will it work out in the longer-term?
– Examining challenges in clearing and settlement

– Fieke Korporaal, Corporate Development Manager, IMC Trading

– Govert Heijboer, Co-Chief Investment Officer, True Partner Capital
– Chris Lee, Managing Director, Head of Velocity, HKEX
– Matthias Rietig, Senior Officer, Osaka Exchange Inc., JPX
– Daniel Smyth, Head of Index Options Trading, Optiver APAC