Launch of PoC for “JPX Market Explorer,” a generative AI-powered service to disseminate Japanese market information


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March 12, 2024 1 min read
Launch of PoC for “JPX Market Explorer,” a generative AI-powered service to disseminate Japanese market information

JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. (JPXI) announced the launch of a proof of concept (PoC) for “JPX Market Explorer,” a new service that uses the technology of Bridgewise, a generative AI provider, to disseminate information on the Japanese market. The service will enable investors to easily obtain information on all companies that are listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).


JPX Market Explorer is a free service website for investors both inside and outside Japan. Investors can easily search for business overviews of listed companies and summaries of their most recent financial results as well as analyze their financial conditions and compare them with the financial conditions of their competitors.


The content and analysis are generated using Bridgewise’s generative AI technology. There are over 3,900 companies that are listed on TSE, and we have received requests from overseas investors for more complete information about them in English.


Using generative AI will enable investors to obtain a wider range of information on listed companies than can be fully covered by human analysts. In addition, all content will be disseminated not only in Japanese but also in 10 other languages, including English. This will enable us to disseminate more information on TSE-listed companies to Japanese and foreign investors than ever before.


In this PoC, we will examine how the use of generative AI will help investors gather information and help us disseminate information on listed companies and the Japanese market as a whole.

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Who is Bridgewise?

Bridgewise uses proprietary generative AI technology to analyze all stocks worldwide, including the ones listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange. It then analyzes their financial performance based on factors that predict future performance extracted from sources such as financial statements based on Bridgewise’s unique AI model. Bridgewise also facilitates comparisons of stocks with their peers and assists investors in conducting investment analysis. Bridgewise analysis can be distributed in all languages, including Japanese.