Construction of JPX’s Integrated Data Services Platform (J-LAKE)


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February 27, 2024 2 min read
Construction of JPX’s Integrated Data Services Platform (J-LAKE)

We at JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. (JPXI), the strategic data and digital business arm of Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX), has started JPX’s integrated data services platform J-LAKE on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and hope to release it before the end of FY2024.


We will use J-LAKE to centralize the management of JPX’s data and distribute it promptly and accurately based on an analysis of client needs, thereby accelerating efforts to improve the attractiveness of the Japanese financial and capital markets as a whole and to make the potential of these markets more appealing both inside and outside Japan.


JPXI has been working toward JPX’s long-term vision of “contributing to sustainable societal and economic development by evolving into a global, comprehensive finance and information platform.”* To date, we have furthered various efforts to expand our data services, including the construction of J-WS, JPX’s common infrastructure platform, on AWS. Our new platform J-LAKE will also be built on AWS. By leveraging AWS’s highly flexible, broadest and deepest set of cloud-enabled technologies and technical know-how that JPXI has gained through the stable operation of our data and digital business services on J-WS, we will work toward J-LAKE’s quick and assured completion.

Initiatives to Expand Data Services at JPXI

Through J-LAKE, we will be able to develop and provide new services to meet our clients’ diverse needs by centralizing the management of various data (such as JPX’s market data; information on market participants, listed companies, and clients; internally and externally accumulated alternative data; and internal knowledge) and conducting a multifaceted analysis on combinations of these data. Furthermore, by using AWS’s services, we will always have the most up-to-date solutions to accelerate innovation. Specifically, we expect that we can work to make our analytics, including big data analysis, more sophisticated through the use of advanced technologies such as AWS’s artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and generative AI. It will also make it easier for us to create value-added services for our users, such as the provision of a SaaS-type analysis environment, rather than merely providing raw data to them. Furthermore, in addition to contributing to JPX’s sustainability efforts through the rapid development of Tokyo Stock Exchange’s carbon credit market on J-WS, which launched in October 2023, we are planning the development of a new service that uses the data managed and analyzed by J-LAKE in order to provide green-related information and data.


Since J-LAKE will be built on J-WS, it will store data on AWS. This will enable us to expand our data distribution services beyond borders and industry boundaries through the use of AWS’s global network and extensive user network. In providing new data distribution services, we will not only develop services within the existing framework of analyzing customer trends, conducting interviews, and collaborating with existing partner companies, but will also seek to collaborate with new vendors, startups, and platform providers who are willing to partner with us, with the aim of creating services that provide new value.


In addition to building J-LAKE, we have formed a Data CoE(Center of Excellence), a cross-sectional structure that connects data managers and users in order to create an environment for new value creation through the use of high-demand data. Since JPX has gained more than a decade’s worth of expertise in managing market-related data, we will utilize this expertise to implement Data CoE activities. Data CoE is comprised of members from JPX Group companies, specifically the IT departments that store and manage the data and the business departments that use the data. It provides various types of support, including data management activities to define the data so that the business departments can easily use it, as well as support for security measures and coordination activities such as data interpretation and the provision of usage environments.

  • “Target 2030”: JPX’s long-term vision to be achieved by 2030
    Contribute to sustainable societal and economic development by evolving into a global, comprehensive finance and information platform which provides solutions for a wide range of societal issues, centered on the ability to raise and circulate capital

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