Cooperation in the Issuance of Hitachi’s Digital Green Bond


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November 21, 2023 1 min read
Cooperation in the Issuance of Hitachi’s Digital Green Bond

Hitachi, Ltd. (“Hitachi”), JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. (“JPXI”), Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. (“Nomura”), and BOOSTRY Co., Ltd. (“BOOSTRY”), are cooperating with Hitachi toward its issuance of a “Digitally Tracked Green Bond” (“digital green bond”) utilizing digital technologies such as IoT and a blockchain platform.

Hitachi plans to allocate the funds raised through the issuance of the digital green bond to an energy-efficient green building.

To raise the transparency of the use of proceeds raised through the digital green bond, Hitachi will utilize the Green Tracking Hub jointly developed by Hitachi and JPXI that automatically measures the volume of electricity consumed at the buildings, to which funds were allocated, and converts the volume into a comparison of volume of CO2 avoided emissions and energy reduction versus benchmarks, and discloses this data to investors. By enabling monitoring by investors at any time, Hitachi aims for transparency on a higher level than just annual reporting.

In addition, sharing data with BOOSTRY and recording the energy reduction and CO2 avoided emissions on ibet for Fin will enhance data transparency and timeliness.

The digital green bond is the second issuance in Japan, following Japan Exchange Group, Inc.

For details, please refer to the following link.

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