JPX Monthly Headlines (July, 2022)


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August 10, 2022 5 min read
JPX Monthly Headlines (July, 2022)

Jul. 4: General Launch of API Distribution Service "J-Quants API" (Beta) for Retail Investors

JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc (JPXI) provides an environment to promote trading utilizing IT and data analysis for individuals interested in data science via the "J-Quants" project. As part of this project, on July 4, JPXI started providing its J-Quants API (beta) service, which distributes historical stock prices and corporate financial data through API, to general users. JPXI will improve the user experience of the Service, incorporating feedback from users during the beta service period, and aims for it to be a sustainable paid service.

Jul. 8: JPXI Holds 2nd "Index Advisory Panel"

JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. (JPXI) has established the Index Advisory Panel for the purpose of continuously improving TSE Indices through the exchange of opinions with index users. The second meeting was held on July 8. At this panel, the committee members provided their opinions on overall index management, including the status of JPXI's index consultation process. We will continue to make efforts to improve TSE Indices with due consideration to received comments.

Jul. 19: Launch of ESG Bond Information Platform

JPX and JPXI launched the ESG Bond Information Platform on July 19. Based on the discussions of the Sustainable Finance Platform Development Working Group, this platform brings together information (security information, issuer information (including strategy), use of proceeds/impact, external reviews, etc.) which was previously scattered across the websites of individual issuers, review providers, securities companies, and others together onto one platform. It is operated with the co-operation of seven ESG bond-underwriter securities companies. We hope that by improving convenience for market players and visibility of the bonds and enhancing market functionality, the platform can contribute to the development of the sustainable finance market.

Jul. 27: Announcement of Financial Results for Q1 FY2022

Japan Exchange Group has announced its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2022.
Operating revenues increased by JPY 1.0 billion (+3.3%) year-on-year to JPY 33.5 billion, mainly due to cash equity trading value and derivatives trading volume exceeding those of the same period last year, and higher trading and clearing-related revenues linked to market conditions.
Operating expenses increased by JPY 1.8 billion (+13.1%) year-on-year to JPY 16.3 billion, mainly due to an increase in amortization expenses associated with a system upgrade.
As a result, operating income decreased by JPY 0.6 billion (-3.7%) year-on-year to JPY 17.7 billion, and net income (attributable to owners of the parent company) decreased by JPY 0.2 billion (-1.6%) to JPY 12.0 billion.

Jul. 27: JPX Group's Initiatives to Work Toward a "New Form of Capitalism"

In the "Grand Design and Action Plan for a New Form of Capitalism" and "Basic Policies for Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform 2022" approved by the Cabinet on June 7, 2022, the government set out its plan to formulate a "Doubling Asset-based Incomes Plan" to promote a shift from savings to investment in order to achieve the "virtuous cycle of growth and distribution" that the "New Form of Capitalism" aims for.
JPX Group will contribute to the creation of a "virtuous cycle of growth and distribution" through the capital markets by developing an environment that promotes innovation and growth at companies and supporting efforts to improve financial literacy and asset formation within households.

Jul. 27: Conclusion of Capital and Business Alliance Agreement with Minsetsu Inc.

Japan Exchange Group and JPX Market & Research, Inc have entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with Minsetsu Inc.
Minsetsu Inc. operates "Minnano Setsumeikai" (everyone's briefing,) an IR communication platform that provides various services, including the provision of information on financial results briefings and a system to coordinate interview schedules between investors, securities firms, and listed companies.
Through this capital and business alliance agreement, we will work to create an environment in which more listed companies can have opportunities to communicate with investors in Japan and overseas in a more efficient way and investors can easily access IR information and other information of listed companies.

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