Establishment of TSE Asia Startup Hub


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March 26, 2024 2 min read
Establishment of TSE Asia Startup Hub

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “TSE”) believes that IPOs of attractive companies, both domestic and international, play a vital role for the sustainable development of the financial market, and therefore has been actively promoting IPOs to overseas companies.

To further attract cross-border listings, TSE announces to establish “TSE Asia Startup Hub”, an ecosystem where TSE and IPO stakeholders collaborate to encourage promising Asian companies to choose TSE for their IPOs.

By enhancing collaboration among TSE and the partners, the TSE Asia Startup Hub aims to increase listings of promising Asian companies in the long run, by catering to the needs of each company and providing support for business development, fundraising, and IPO in Japan.

The TSE Asia Startup Hub will recruit Asian companies to support and plan to announce the companies in Q3 2024.

By promoting IPOs from Asia, we will support Asian companies’ growth through the supply of equity capital and provide Japanese investors with investment opportunities in leading Asian companies. Furthermore, the TSE Asia Startup Hub will work towards strengthening collaboration between Japanese and Asian companies, thereby contributing to the enhancement of the good relations between Japan and Asian countries, and the reinforcement of Japan’s position as an internationally open financial center in the long term.

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