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Market Maker Awards FY2023 for the Carbon Credit Market


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March 19, 2024 1 min read
Market Maker Awards FY2023 for the Carbon Credit Market

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has implemented the Trial Market Maker Scheme beginning from November 27th, 2023 until February 29th, 2024. This trial was initiated in response to the “Carbon Credit Market Trading Stimulation Project,” conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).


This Trial Market Maker scheme targeted Energy saving J-Credits and Renewable energy (electricity) J-Credits, and a total of five companies that applied were designated as market makers. It was shown that the average daily trading volume significantly increased by 2.4 times for Energy saving credits and 6.1 times for Renewable energy (electricity) credits, contributing to improved market liquidity and appropriate price formation.


We are pleased to announce this year’s award-winning market makers as follows and express our gratitude for their significant contributions to the market.


Best Market Makers for Carbon Credit Market
Market makers that have achieved standards in both Energy saving credits and Renewable energy (electricity) credits:
Sumitomo Corporation,  Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Good Market Maker for Carbon Credit Market 
Market maker who achieved standards with Renewable energy (electricity) credits:
Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.

We will contribute to the development of carbon credit market from a medium to long-term perspective along with the development of emissions trading scheme in Japan.

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