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Top Executive Interviews “SOU” AXXZIA Inc. Notice of Publication


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August 8, 2023 1 min read
Top Executive Interviews “SOU” AXXZIA Inc. Notice of Publication

“SOU” (創, Beginning) is a series of interviews with the founders and top executives of companies listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange that focuses on their character and other fine points, covering topics such as their experiences leading up to the listing of their company, their management vision, as well as a look into their honest opinions, thoughts, and personal lives.

This time, we published an article on ” AXXZIA Inc.”.

“Made in Japan Brand Led by a Chinese President

Going Global with the Power of Japanese Quality Products”

Taku Dan started thinking about going public in 2018, but he actually didn’t think that much about going public.

When he asked an acquaintance of an overseas Chinese businessman about the necessity of going public, he was told, ‘It depends on whether you want to make it big or not. If you just want to make a profit and take it easy, you don’t have to get listed.’ this motivated him.

We interviewed Taku Dan about what he feels after becoming a listed company and the company’s future.

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