Green Bond Digital Tracking Wins Special Award at MoE’s ESG Finance Awards Japan


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February 23, 2023 2 min read
Green Bond Digital Tracking Wins Special Award at MoE’s ESG Finance Awards Japan

JPX Market Innovation & Research (JPXI) has received a Special Award in the fundraisers category at the 4th ESG Finance Awards Japan, hosted by the Ministry of the Environment. The award was given for JPXI's issuance of its Digitally Tracked Green Bond and the Green Tracking Hub that enables timely visualization of the bond's greenness indicators.

The ESG Finance Awards Japan recognizes comprehensively outstanding organizations, cutting-edge initiatives, and initiatives that serve as examples for others to follow: this could be organizations that impact the environment, society, and the economy by supporting companies' transitions to sustainable business models, or investors, financial institutions, and financial service providers that promote the expansion of sustainable finance as well as fundraisers who use these funding providers. By sharing these with wider society, the Awards aim to further promote, expand, and improve the quality of ESG finance.

JPXI's award was given for "the uniqueness of its efforts to improve the efficiency of data collection and transparency of data through management and disclosure of power generation data using security tokens. In addition, the company has established a Working Group comprising several industries and roles, and its findings can be expected to contribute to the development of the sustainable finance market in the future."

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