FinCity Global Forum: Transition Finance -Challenges and opportunities for Tokyo


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January 17, 2023 1 min read

Yasuyuki Konuma, Director, Executive Vice President, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.,  moderated the pannel discussion: “Approach from the capital market side” FinCity Global Forum 2023.

<FinCity Global Forum: Transition Finance -Challenges and opportunities for Tokyo->

Expanding transition finance is critical to the shift to a decarbonized economy, and its importance has been increasing with the global reassessment of strategies to deal with climate change in the context of the situation in Ukraine and tightening supply constraints.

Tokyo is widely expected to contribute to this expansion through its role as an international financial center in Asia, where manufacturing industries are concentrated, while also utilizing its understanding of Asia to serve as a bridge to Europe and the US.

The forum will focus on prospects for the future and issues that both the public and private sectors need to address.

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