JPX Market Innovation & Research raises value of Japan’s exchange market infrastructure and strengthen its resilience supported by AWS


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August 24, 2022 4 min read
JPX Market Innovation & Research raises value of Japan’s exchange market infrastructure and strengthen its resilience supported by AWS

JPXI, a strategic data and business unit of Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX) announced that it will raise the global attractiveness and competitiveness of the Japanese financial products exchange market supported by Amazon Web Services Japan, LLC (AWS).

JPXI will enhance the stability and resiliency of the financial instruments market infrastructure, while also developing a hybrid environment to develop and provide services to meet changing customer needs in a timely and convenient manner. In addition, by leveraging AWS's technology, knowledge, and infrastructure with stakeholders in the capital market, JPXI will further strengthen the information dissemination function, offer new services, and take on the challenge of promoting the potential of the Japanese market to all users.

1. Further improvement of safety and resilience as a market infrastructure Tracking Hub

JPXI has been stably operating its services on AWS in the field of data and digital business by building J-WS, JPX's common infrastructure platform, and will continue to utilize AWS's broad and deep cloud technology and knowledge to further improve its stable operation capabilities and enhance functionality.

JPXI also plans to ensure stability and diversity by building a hybrid environment that combines on-premises, edge, and cloud environments which secures redundancy closely working with the support of AWS.

In addition to the existing BCP (Business Continuity Plan) environment, JPX will improve its resilience against like wide-area disasters by utilizing the AWS Asia Pacific Regions in Tokyo and Osaka.

2. Swift delivery of required services

JPXI will create an environment that enables swift delivery and continuous improvement of financial services, to meet the ever-changing needs of customers, in line with the rapid developments in the world.

To develop services in a timely manner on J-WS, the common infrastructure platform of JPX, it is important that developers can use them easily. With the support of the AWS, we will accelerate the delivery of more competitive products and services through repeated experimentation and verification of new business concepts, and aim to foster and establish a culture of development that creates new value within the JPX organization.

3. Provide information to those who need in an easy manner

JPXI will utilize AWS's advanced cloud capabilities, including data analytics, to improve information transmission in the financial product market.

It is critical for JPX to communicate listed company and market information in an easy-to-understand manner. Currently, there are more than 3,800 companies listed on JPX, and more than 1 million pages of disclosure materials are published annually. This include not only financial figures but also non-financial information such as each company's business activities, management policies, and business environment, as well as information on ESG/sustainability initiatives.

While the disclosure of such substantial information is extremely important for investors to make investment decisions, some investors have expressed difficulty in distinguishing the information they want from the vast amount of data available. JPXI will continue to expand these disclosure materials and related information to improve accessibility, and to enable anyone to easily and quickly reach the information they need and make investments more accessible, we will continue to improve information transmission to convey customized, customer-driven, lifestyle-oriented information, while leveraging Amazon's Digital Innovation Program (*), which supports to accelerate digital transformation (DX) through its innovation mechanism.

4. Collaboration with financial institutions, information vendors, and start-ups

To promote the attractiveness of the Japanese financial market both domestically and internationally, it is essential to collaborate with financial institutions, information vendors, and start-ups that possess advanced technologies and ideas.

JPXI has been supporting users that are considering to build new services in a public cloud environment by offering a service (cloud user connection service) that allows external AWS users in the securities market to connect to the common network (arrownet). JPXI will be leveraging AWS's relationship with start-ups to create an ecosystem that takes advantage of start-ups' advanced technologies through communication with developers and others.

Koichiro Miyahara, President & CEO, JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc.

JPX Group's long-term vision, Target 2030, is to evolve into a "comprehensive global financial and information platform," and it has been working to improve the attractiveness of Japan's financial and capital markets as a whole, beyond the framework of conventional exchange services.

JPXI is playing a leading role in this next generation of data and digital business, and collaboration with a number of partners is crucial to this. With the support of AWS and its partners, we are excited to build and expand the ecosystem with JPX and AWS at its core, and accelerate our progress toward realizing a "comprehensive global financial and information platform. “

Tadao Nagasaki, President, AWS Japan

We are pleased to share a great vision with JPXI and to contribute to the creation of an attractive Japanese financial products exchange market by envisioning new customer value. AWS has been supporting the development of digital solutions which help companies grow, such as J-WS and cloud user connection service. We look forward to supporting JPXI to quickly innovate by connecting them with and starts-ups offering advanced technologies.

Digital Innovation Program: A program that leverages Amazon's innovation mechanism, Working Backwards (thinking from the customer's point of view) to design new services. AWS helps accelerate digital innovation and customer problems through lively discussions and workshops.

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